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Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

September 24, 2019 (Tuesday)

Born in war and rich in natural beauty, Oak Ridge, Tennessee is a small city that changed the world and is celebrating its 75th birthday this year.


With the hope of developing technology that would end World War II, the US government built Oak Ridge (almost from scratch) in 1942 to serve as a home base for the Manhattan Project. The city was built under a cloak of great secrecy for the top-secret mission to produce the world’s first atomic weapons. Very few of the workers, most of whom were women, knew what was being built at the time, or exactly what they were getting into.


Learn about the history of this fascinating city on a guided driving tour and explore the American Museum of Science and Energy which houses

photographs, documents and artifacts related to the Manhattan Project.

Tour Includes:

  • Light breakfast before departure.

  • Transportation in our custom Mercedes Sprinter van.

  • Guided tour of Oak Ridge.

  • Admission to American Museum of  Science and Energy.

  • Lunch and dinner in of our favorite    restaurants with full choice of menu.

  • Complimentary onboard beverages and snacks.

  • Fully escorted tour with experienced tour manager.

  • Tour will depart from the Globe Treks office approximately 7:30AM and return about 9 PM.


Prices and bus itinerary subject to change.


$184 per guest


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