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African Adventure

Our fearless leader, Greg Sutter, is in Africa! He has been keeping in touch with the Globe Treks office staff by text message and email (he called on the telephone once but told us to keep it brief because it was costing him $10 a minute).

Here is the first text message we received from him late yesterday afternoon:

Arrived safely in Nairobi Kenya. It is around 12:45 in the morning here and they had a late night snack waiting for us at the hotel. Our meal was interrupted by giraffes walking up to the window and so we went out to feed them, will send you pictures tomorrow. Also saw zebras on the road here from the airport. Was also told not to feed the warthogs that tend to roam around the grounds of the hotel because their tusks are dangerously sharp!

As promised, some photos arrived via email this morning. We are looking forward to hearing all about Greg’s African adventure. Stay tuned for more updates.

It is now Friday afternoon and we just received more photos from Greg. He went on a safari today. He did not send us any detailed information - just these great photos. Enjoy!

Check out these accommodations. Looks pretty luxurious!

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