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Pride of the Hudson

"Scenic" doesn't begin to describe our Hudson River Valley tour in early June. The Hudson Valley spreads out on both sides of what is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in the United States. Highlights of the tour included visits to the Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Globe Treks tour manager, David Bryan, shared his photos and memories from the tour.

"The fabulous and historic Mohonk Mountain House resort was the centerpiece and home base for an unforgettable three days in the Hudson River Valley. Our guests experienced a rich offering of this great river's surroundings. In addition to Mohonk's luxurious lodging and meals, the resort offered boating on its glacier lake, hiking trails, gorgeous gardens and carriage rides."

"Our lucky guests were also treated to much of what the Hudson River Valley has to offer - an afternoon at West Point, a breathtaking boat trip on the Hudson and a morning visiting the FDR home in Hyde Park. We also spent a fabulous day in New York City with an awesome tour guide."

"The trip home also treated us to a delightful stop in Staunton, VA, staying at the elegant Stonewall Jackson Hotel. While in Staunton, our guests were treated to a play at the local Shakesperean Theatre and a visit to President Woodrow Wilson's birthplace. It was a magnificent tour from start to finish."

Make some new memories with Globe Treks. Call 828-692-1399 for more information. Our fabulous day tours are a great way to experience our first-class service and hospitality. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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