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Charms of the Chesapeake

Charms of the Chesapeake:
Williamsburg Lodge & Tides Inn

October 13 - 18, 2024

 Tour Includes:

  • Three nights at the luxurious Tides Inn and Spa, a waterfront Chesapeake Bay Resort

  • Two nights at Historic Williamsburg Lodge in the heart of the Historic District

  • Guided tour of Colonial Williamsburg

  • Dinner in Kings Arms Tavern

  • Historic Jamestown

  • Yorktown Battlefield

  • Steamboat Era museum

  • Cruise on Chesapeake Bay

  • Victory Rover Naval Base Tour

  • Historic Irvington, VA

  • Fine dining in the region’s best restaurants

  • All inclusive – all meals, lodging and attractions included.

  • Pick up and return from your doorstep

Day 1: Williamsburg’s Warm Embrace
As the golden hues of autumn tint the landscape, you begin the day with pick up at your home and a continental breakfast before our private coach. Enjoy lunch enroute as the Globe Treks motorcoach glides you towards Williamsburg, VA. The Williamsburg Lodge, our sanctuary for the next two nights, is nestled amid the hallowed grounds of historic Williamsburg. The Lodge stands as a testament to the art of blending old-world charm with contemporary luxury. As you step into this magnificent abode, you’re welcomed by an ambiance that whispers of centuries past, where every corner resonates with the spirit of Colonial America.
For your first evening, we’ll delight in a delicious colonial era meal at the renowned Kings Arms Tavern. In the flicker of candlelight, experience a culinary journey rooted in history, a fitting overture to the week’s adventures.


Day 2: Living History in Colonial Williamsburg
The morning sun spills over the cobblestone streets of Colonial Williamsburg. A local guide, a custodian of stories, leads you through living history. Blacksmiths mold iron, and artisans craft intricate wares, painting a vivid picture of the 18th century. After the guided tour, the day is yours to explore. Lose yourself in the pages of history, perhaps visiting the Governor’s Palace or meandering through the charming gardens.

Day 3: Jamestown, Yorktown, and Coastal Tranquility
Jamestown, the cradle of American settlement, invites you to experience the timeworn remnants of the past. Relax over a waterfront lunch at Yorktown Pub before a visit to Yorktown Battlefield Park, where freedom from Britain was won!
The road then weaves towards Irvington, VA, where the Tides Inn awaits. Here, panoramic bay views blend seamlessly with the coastal serenity. As the sun dips below the horizon, the scent of saltwater mingles with the promise of a tranquil evening and a delicious and distinctive dinner, featuring fresh bay seafood at the Chesapeake Restaurant and Terrace, the Tide’s Inn award winning restaurant.

Day 4: A Day at Leisure in Irvington
Today, time is your own. The Tides Inn, an embodiment of understated luxury, offers avenues for relaxation. Explore optional excursions to learn local history and stroll Irvington’s quaint streets, where colonial-era architecture tells stories of a bygone era. Visit the Steamboat Era Museum which adds a touch of nostalgia, recounting the era when steamboats graced these waters, connecting lives and cultures. Alternatively, indulge in spa treatments, play golf or simply savor the great solitude, boardwalks and delightful views of the bay. There will also be an opportunity today to take a short cruise out upon the Chesapeake Bay.

Day 5: Naval Majesty in Norfolk and Coastal Bliss in Norfolk
Norfolk Naval Base, the roar of jets and the presence of formidable ships offer a glimpse into the nation’s maritime might. Aboard the Victory Rover, witness naval grandeur and nature’s coastal beauty up close. The journey then leads to Virginia Beach, where the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean beckons. The day unfurls at a leisurely pace, allowing you to embrace the coastal charm but still having time to enjoy the magnificent Tides Inn.

Day 6: Homeward Bound with Memories to Cherish
As we bid adieu to coastal beauty, the private coach turns homeward, its wheels spinning tales of history and camaraderie. Arriving back in Western NC, the foliage is beginning to come ablaze as you carry home memories brimming with the essence of a remarkable journey. Reserve your seat for a tour designed for the discerning traveler, promising not just a trip, but an experience etched in the sands of time.

Prices and itinerary subject to change.

$3,195 per guest (double)

$3,995 per guest (single)

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