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British Isles Explorer

British Isles Explorer -- Viking

April 18- May 3, 2024



Immerse yourself in the British Isles, with overnight stays in Bergen, Norway, and Greenwich, England. Discover Scotland’s legendary Highlands and Western Isles and the capital of Edinburgh. Visit the Shetland and Orkney Islands and contrast modern Belfast with traditional Dublin. Witness Welsh culture in Snowdonia. In England, visit maritime Liverpool, see historic Dover and enjoy a tour of London.

Day 1: Bergen, Norway

Day 2: Bergen Norway

Day 3: Shetland Islands (Lerwick), Scotland

Day 4: The Highlands (Invergordon), Scotland

Day 5: Edinburgh (New Haven Harbour), Scotland

Day 6: Orkney Islands (Kirkwall), Scotland

Day 7: The Highlands (Ullapool), Scotland

Day 8: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Day 9: Liverpool, England
Day 10: Holyhead, Wales

Day 11: Dublin, Ireland

Day 12: Scenic Sailing: English Channel

Day 13: Dover, England

Day 14: London (Greenwich), England

Day 15: London, England

Tour includes:

  • Cruise for 15 days 

  • Roundtrip transportation to and from gateway airport and cruise port. 

  • All meals included while aboard ship. 

  • Booking assistance for on-board dining rooms, optional on-board amenities and shore excursion.

  • Taxes, gratuities and most luggage handling.

For any Featured Cruise with 6 or more participants, round trip transportation to and from the airport is included in one of our luxury vehicles.

Pricing varies.  Call our office for more information!


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