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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

at Barter Theatre

Thursday, October 10 at 2PM

Famous playwright Oscar Wilde and actress Lillie Langtry (a.k.a. the Jersey Lily) have come to Baker Street seeking help from world famous detective Sherlock Holmes, but when Langtry presents him with what seems like an open and shut case, Sherlock quickly deduces that a much more sinister game is afoot! In a fast-paced ride full of surprises and disguises, Holmes and Watson will do whatever it takes to help their friend and country, even if that means facing down their greatest foe yet.

Tour Includes:

  • 2:00PM show at Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA

  • Lunch at one of our favorite restaurants before the show*

  • Transportation to and from performance via one of our luxury vehicles

  • Complimentary onboard beverages and snacks*

  • Fully escorted tour with experienced tour manager

Prices and itinerary subject to change.

$195 per guest

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