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Where Wild Horses Roam

The Outer Banks, where those little "OBX" bumper stickers come from that we see on so many cars. A stretch of barrier islands protecting the North Carolina coast. Where wild horses still do run free on the beach. Lighthouses of many stripes dot the coastline, beckoning to be climbed and photographed. Ferries connect island to island, while a seafood dinner and a glass of wine await the end of the day.

The recent Globe Treks tour (May 12-18, 2018) to the Outer Banks hit all these highlights of the coast, plus some of the most picturesque towns in America. Edenton, home of its own famous Edenton Tea Party in 1774, Beaufort, NC, with historic houses dating back to 1709. Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers and the world first took flight in 1903. Wilmington, a port city boasting the WWII battleship, the USS North Carolina.

Globe Treks guests were privileged to spend time with the most knowledgeable and personable local tour guides who helped them experience and understand the history of each location. And the beautiful sunsets brought joy and memorable moments.

By the numbers: a group of 30 Globe Treks guests traveled in 1 luxurious motor coach the entire length of the Outer Banks, seeing 3 lighthouses and more than 30 wild horses, took 2 ferry rides, stayed in 5 towns along the way, and learned of many, many years of history. There was something for everyone on this tour: an experience of ocean, of beaches, and historic Americana.

The Outer Banks is a Globe Treks signature tour and takes place twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Please call 828-692-1399 to join us on our Fall Outer Banks tour on October 15-21, 2018.

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