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Wonderful West Virginia

Our West Virginia Railroad tour is one of our most popular tours. One of the trains, the New River Train Excursion, only runs two weekends each October.

Globe Treks guest Tom Mundie shared his memories and photos from our West Virginia Railroad tour in October.

"What most surprised me about West Virginia was its incredible beauty- steep forested mountains, pristine farms, and friendly people. The train rides were outstanding, starting with the Cass to Whittaker Station train with open sided railroad cars, pulled by a coal fired steam engine. winding its way through beautiful mountains on a switchback rail system to handle the steep slopes. On top of that, we learned all the details from an experienced railroad person.

The New River Train Excursion was a totally different and exciting experience. Experiencing the beauty of the mountains in a beautiful old Pullman railroad car with our whole fun loving group, made it one of the highlights of our four days of fun. We had two experienced volunteer railroad people commentating on everything we saw and serving us lunch. Greenbrier was a must see. The vastness and eloquence of this resort is beyond description. The tour of the bunker was especially interesting and enlightening, made so by an excellent guide. The tour of the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine took us back to the early days of mining, with its hardships, danger, and dependence on The Company Store. The outstanding guide helped us to live the story.

The visit to The National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Greenbank, WV in itself, made the whole trip to West Virginia worthwhile. Most of the people on our tour had no idea that such a fascinating and important observatory even existed. The word AWESOME fits this tour to a tee. Of our many tours with Globe Treks, this was one of the best."

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