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Succulent Seafood and more!

Fabulous food, flowering gardens and fascinating history! Our guests were filled to the brim with all three on the recent Globe Treks tour of Savannah and Charleston. I asked one of our guests, Mary J., to share her impressions of this charming tour:

I sure never thought it possible to overdose on magnificent seafood. This trip proved it’s way-possible! Terrific restaurant choices, Globe Treks. You are just amazing! I plan to return to the Indigo Inn in Charleston sometime. It’s the only place I want to stay from now on, close to everything via walking, beautifully maintained, intimate/spacious rooms, lovely atrium garden and classy/delicious breakfast and happy hour.

I also asked Mary J. about traveling as a "single" with Globe Treks:

I’ve been on three overnight trips with Globe Treks alone. At first I thought I’d be a "5th wheel” and uncomfortable, or make the couples uncomfortable by having to “take care of me.” I quickly found that the couples (and single guests) were very willing to talk and visit. We travelers have a lot in common, and everyone has a story, anyway. So I’m never concerned if my friends aren’t available to go on a Globe Treks trip. I sign up first, then see if anyone else wants to go. Happy travels!

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