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Who knew that alligators love marshmallows? These are the types of things you can learn on a Globe Treks tour! I must confess the marshmallow-eating alligators were one of the highlights for me of our New Orleans adventure last month. Our authentic Cajun swamp tour guide was a pure delight as he talked about his family's legacy in the bayou and entertained us with jokes and stories, and lots of information about the area's wildlife. When he spotted a gator near the boat, he calmly tossed fresh marshmallows on the water to lure it close enough for a great photo opportunity.

We also visited Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World and got a behind-the-scenes look at New Orleans Mardi Gras traditions. It is the largest parade float designing and building facility in the world and the source of those Chik-fil-A cows you see on billboards. As I mentioned, you learn lots of fascinating bits of knowledge on a Globe Treks tour.

And you also eat at some of the best restaurants! We feasted on seafood, gumbo and all manner of creole and cajun dishes. As a tour manager, it is so wonderful to see our guests become friends and enjoy each other's company at meals. Always lots of laughter and sharing of food, especially dessert, when we gather around a table to dine.

The weather was fabulous during our stay. We toured one of the fascinating above-ground New Orleans cemeteries, cruised on the Steamboat Natchez and spent time at the World War II museum. Oak Alley Plantation gave us a glimpse into the antebellum Louisiana lifestyle. Our time in The Big Easy was filled with fun, history, and food!

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