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Globe Treks Mystery Tours are some of our most popular tours of the year. Guests pack their bags and board the motor coach not knowing where they are headed (some guests who don't like surprises find out the destination beforehand). The destination for the January 2018 Musical Mystery Tour was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A destination chosen for its wide beaches, excellent seafood restaurants and variety of outstanding musical and comedy entertainment. It was the perfect winter getaway to escape the chilly and sometimes dreary January weather. There was plenty of music, laughter, food and sunshine to go around!

Globe Treks tour manager, David Bryan, shared his photos and memories from his very first Mystery Tour (of course, he knew the destination - he was leading the group!).

"Cuisine and music!. Now that's entertainment! Stealing four days in Myrtle Beach to escape the snow and frigid temperatures of January was a brilliant idea. Thirty Globe Treks guests embarked on a winter Mystery Tour and were regaled non-stop-by music, magic and fun."

"We laughed and laughed at Menopause The Musical. We also enjoyed A Lifetime of Music by David T. Morris and Pure Magic by the Wagsters. And for the finale, we saw Phantom of the Opera at the Belk Theatre in Charlotte on the way home! Truly spectacular! And in-between all the great restaurants and shows were day trips to Ripley's Aquarium, an art museum, Murrell's Inlet and Brookgreen Gardens. Four days of escape...what a rush!"

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