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Welcome to Globe Treks Tours and Cruises! Our expertly crafted luxury tours take the hassle out of travel.  Explore our entire site for a treasure trove of exclusive tours tailored to satisfy every wanderlust.

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Dear Valued Globe Treks Guests,
We are excited to invite you to join our new Facebook group, a special space created for you to share your travel stories and swap photos. This group aims to foster a sense of community among our guests, providing a platform for you to connect, share experiences, and meet new friends. We hope you'll join us and contribute to making this group a vibrant and engaging place for all.

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Globe Treks encourages our guests to purchase

travel insurance to help protect against unforeseen losses,

fees and/or additional costs. We recommend that 

 you purchase travel insurance at the time of your

initial deposit to help protect yourself, should you need to

cancel your tour for any covered reason. Travel insurance

policies can protect you in case of illness, injury,

lost luggage and unforeseen circumstances during

the course of your tour. Globe Treks can

recommend several options.

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