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Explore the world with
Globe Treks luxury tours!

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Luxury Touring Crafted for Retirees


Experience travel where all the details

have been carefully arranged.

Your tour begins and ends at your door,

the tour pace is leisurely,

the restaurants and hotels are carefully selected and the pricing is

always all-inclusive.

Safety and hospitality are our

top priorities,

so sit back and enjoy the scenery,

attractions and the camaraderie

of your fellow travelers.

Beantown - A Celebration of Boston

April 22 - 28, 2023

Lexington, Concord, Faneuil Hall, Boston Commons, Gloucester, and Walden Pond. 

Call 828-692-1399 for more information.










Globe Treks encourages our guests to purchase

travel insurance to help protect against unforeseen losses,

fees and/or additional costs. We recommend that 

 you purchase travel insurance at the time of your

initial deposit to help protect yourself, should you need to

cancel your tour for any covered reason. Travel insurance

policies can protect you in case of illness, injury,

lost luggage and unforeseen circumstances during

the course of your tour. Globe Treks can

recommend several options.

Globe Treks strongly encourages our guests to purchase travel insurance to protect against any unforeseen losses, fees and/or additional costs. Please contact us for a quote through Travelex Insurance. 


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