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Some people hate surprises. Where are we going? What will we see? Globe Treks Mystery Tours are some of our most popular tours each year. But you may wonder why someone would sign up for a tour and not know their destination? The reasons are many and varied. For many of our guests it is a pure sense of adventure. And the anticipation of being with fellow travelers who are excited about visiting a new and surprising destination.

Carol A. from Hendersonville, NC, who just returned from February’s Waterways and Wildlife Mystery Tour said she would definitely choose another Globe Treks Mystery Tour, “I had no idea about Amelia Island, Florida. The White Oaks Conservation center was quite a surprise and most interesting. I decided to go on this tour in February because it’s such a boring time of year and I thought it would be a good break. And it was fun not knowing our destination.”

If you sign up for a Globe Treks Mystery Tour, here’s what you will know:

  • You will be riding on our luxurious motor coach to a destination within an easy day’s drive.

  • You will tour cultural, historical and educational sites and museums, plus sometimes unusual attractions, all carefully chosen by the Globe Treks staff.

  • There will be expert guided touring of the destination.

  • You will experience the area’s cuisine, dining at local restaurants.

Here are some past destinations of our Mystery Tours: Jekyll Island, GA; Memphis, TN; Richmond, VA; Pittsburgh, PA; Annapolis, MD; Virginia Beach, VA; and Isle of Palm, SC.

What a thrill it would be to board our motor coach in the morning with your bag packed not knowing where you will end up at the end of the day. This year, be surprised, take a risk, and follow in the footsteps of previous Globe Treks Mystery Tour guests who discovered a new and wonderful place to visit. Contact us today for information about our August Mystery Tour, October Super Mystery Tour, and December Holiday Mystery tour. Don’t delay, they fill up fast!

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